Robert Drysdale @ GSW Martial Arts Wellington

In December 2010 we had another BJJ Legend on our mat. Robert Drysdale is a BJJ Black Belt, 6 time BJJ world champ with over 90 competition titles and the 2007 ADCC Absolute Gold winner. Robert arrived in Wellington on the day our new mats finally turned up from China. Which meant that we could host him in the new Wellington location. He ran 2 seminars for us, Wednesday night was a No-Gi session and Thursday was a Gi session. (Photos Below)

Wednesday covered foot locks, toe holds and knee bars. Robert also answered questions from seminar participants covering Triangle escapes and a preface to Brabo and Darce chokes. Thursday was Brabo setups and executions which was gold. Robert once again answered questions from participants. The seminars were packed and extremely well received by everyone.

In a stunning coincidence Roberts first BJJ instructor was Steve da Silva, the same guy that gave Geoff and Ko their first taste of BJJ. Even more stunning is the image of Steve on this page was used by Robert in 2006 for an article in a Japanese magazine about his instructors!
Flickr set from the No-Gi session
Flickr set from the Gi session
Flickr set from Roberts Chopper excursion to the south coast
Robert Drysdale footlocks Geoff
Andrew Caven Robert Drysdale halfguard passgeoff_robert_garethgeoff_robert_gareth_choppergi_seminarrobert_braborobert_nogirobert_kataRobert shows the trianglerobert_footlock_nastyness

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