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Huge happenings at GSW – Rigan Machado – John Will – Robert Drysdale – New School

Looking at this news page you’d be forgiven thinking that there is nothing happening at GSW…
Well you couldn’t be more wrong.
The fact is there is too much happening!
In the last couple of months we’ve been struggling to get the new location up and running in Taranaki St. We’re so close but still waiting on mats and some final touches before we can take in new members. This is driving me nuts, as we have had so many people interested in training at the new facility when it’s finished! Soon, very soon.

While that has been going on we have had another visit from BJJ royalty. Rigan Machado once again graced our mats for a seminar after being in Australia for the Will / Machado Nationals. We have also recently had another visit from our coach John Will. We managed to shift some mats into the Taranaki site and run a seminar with over 50 people on the mat! As always the session was epic, but what made it more so, was the promotion of GSW’s first BJJ Brown Belt – Hemi Pou. Never has our mat seen a more deserving rank handed out.

DrysdaleThis month while we hope to put the final touches on the new location, we will be hosting one of the biggest names in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the world!
Robert Drysdale is coming the GSW for two nights and running a No-Gi session on Wednesday the 8th and a Gi session on Thursday the 9th. It took a bit of work to get him down to NZ but he was in Australia doing a series of seminars with Will / Machado schools and after several back and forward emails between various people, he agreed to pop over for a couple of days.

I have to thank Gareth Lewis for talking to his contacts and getting the dialogue started and also Sophia Drysdale for all her hard work behind the scenes in getting it all finalised. Thanks you both.

This is a huge coup for GSW and Will / Machado in NZ and we have kept these first sessions with Robert closed to our members only, (I’m hoping that there will be more opportunities to train with Robert in 2011) and the response has been overwhelming. As I write this, the Gi session is fully booked and the No-Gi has only a few spots left. Looks like it’s going to be an enormous couple of days. Hopefully I’ll have time over Christmas to update you on the seminars and progress of the school.

For current members, please be aware, Sunday 5th and Monday 6th classes will be at Taranaki St. Wednesday and Thursday will be the Robert Drysdale seminars (don’t just turn up expecting to get a spot) then we will be changing everything for the following week. Check Back!!

Till then Take Care and I’ll see you on the mat sometime.


GSW’s tenth birthday Party and Richard Norton Seminars

With little under 2 weeks to go all GSW students should be gearing up for our 10th anniversary party 28th August Corner Store Brooklyn.

As you should all be aware it’s a costume party. You can choose anything starting with the letters

Thats right Caglan, any of those letters.. :) I have already booked my ‘Slash’ costume from “The Costume Company” and there are several other company’s in the Wellington region that offer costume hire. Try Google >>

Here’s a list of ideas >>

As an added incentive, although costume is required, I am offering up a cash prize for the best costume. The winner will be selected by Richard Norton, as he’s played ‘dress-up’ more times in his life than any of us…
$100 1st place and $50 each for 2nd and 3rd…

Also on the night we will be having a small auction to raise funds for the new location, items being auctioned will include Books, DVD’s, Gis, Gear Bags, Private training sessions and other assorted goodies. If you have any item or service you would like to add into the pot please contact me as every little bit will help.

Also in conjunction with the Party on Saturday night we will be hosting a couple of Richard Norton Seminars during the day.
The seminars will run at GSW Lower Hutt, 11am for the Whites and 1.30pm for the coloured Belts. Cost is $50. Coloured Belts will finish at 3.30pm which will allow everyone to get home grab a bite to eat at be at the Corner Store for 7pm.
Richard Norton at GSW
I know this will be a big a day and a bit of money will be spent but as I’ve mentioned at class this week, I’m not a big one for parties, I shout the occasional pizza, pool night and Blue Belt dinner but this is the first serious party I’ve ever thrown for the GSW crew and I’m looking forward to celebrating everything we’ve achieved over the past decade!

See you there


John Will Seminar. November 18th

This will be John’s final seminar at the MVD in Wellington.

Next year we’ll likely have to restrict numbers due to the downsizing of the MVD and it’ll likely be run in the Hutt next year.

So take this final opportunity to train with John Will in numbers.

What: John Will Seminar
Where: MVD Wellington
When: Wednesday November 18th
Time: 8.00 – 10pm
Cost: $60

GSW @ the Auckland BJJ open

A group of GSW students made the trip to Auckland for the Douglas Santos 10th BJJ Open. This time was slightly different with several of the Auckland resident Brazilians banding together and forming a BJJ Federation for New Zealand. The result was that there were a few more people from outside to help Douglas run the day.

We were told to turn up at 9.30am for weigh in and a start time of 10am. The day finally got under way at 10.40 after a few teething problems but ran smoothly for the day. Although with 150 competitors it was always going to be a very long day. The mats were extremely small, the rules were very vague and the reffing had it’s usual ups and downs.

All in all it was a pretty good day and a slight improvement on the previous round. There are still issues with the Brazilians vs the rest mentality and the way they formulate and run the draws leaves a lot to be desired. But the GSW crew went up for the experience and to have a shot. Most of the GSW crew were competing for the very first time and everyone conducted themselves extremely well.

In the team were: Blue Belts: Cain Harland, Scott Lyons, Adan Tijerina

Michael Hourigan competed under his new team from Auckland but he will always e one of our brothers and we can take pride in his gold medal in his division.

Also competing for GSW were: Patrick Te Tau, Thomas Ockens, Brad Hendra, Dan Ruck, Cam Macgregor, David White, Fiso Siloata and Brad Kora.

Results each in their respective weight class:
Cain Harland: 2nd
Scotty Lyons 3rd
Cam Macgregor: 1st
Brad Kora: 1st
Brad Hendra: 2nd
Thomas Ockens: 3rd

Well done to all the crew for your efforts on the day. Special thanks Lee Warden for the transport and to the boys for helping with the videoing and coaching.

For videos check here:

for Photos check here:

Cain HarlandThomas Ockens 3rd

Quick News: John Will seminar and Blue Belt Promotions

Well by the number of posts recently you’d think there is nothing going on at GSW?

Well nothing could be further from the truth..

Quite simply its been nuts!!!!!

Our ‘Fundamentals” classes have been at capacity with over 50 people on the mat and there are so many in the advanced class there is no room to move.

We’ve also had John Will over for another incredible seminar which attracted over 40 to the mat. With John can another few promotions to Blue belt and the growth of the clubs continues. Congrats to Scotty, Jarrod Rangitaana and little Kane