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New Ranks: John Will seminar

John Will returned to GSW for the final seminar for the year.
While he was here he took the opportunity to promote some senior GSW members.

Congrats to the following:

Geoff Grant 3rd Degree Black Belt
Phil Stenhouse, Black Belt
Amy Barrett-Boyes, Brown Belt
Courtney Johnston, Purple Belt

GSW Black Belts 2016

GSW Black Belts 2016

Amy, Geoff and Courtney

Amy, Geoff and Courtney

Group shot John Will seminar

Group shot John Will seminar

John Will Seminar participants

John Will Seminar participants

GSW BJJ Black Belts

November 2014 has been a big month at GSW.
Amazing seminars, New students, Old faces, competitions, promotions and hours and hours of mat time.

For me personally there’s been a lot of self reflection and planning around the future of GSW and also the things we’ve achieved so far.
In my opinion our mat is unique. But also exactly the same as many mats around the world. Our members are unique and that is what shapes the schools culture and direction.

GSW has always been about BJJ. It’s all we do. It’s what I love. It’s BJJ that’s kept me going.

I’m sorry, I’m rambling.

By now everyone knows the GSW story.. it’s here on this site somewhere. I started GSW while still trying to maintain loyal ties to Zen Do Kai.. It was never going to last, Loyalty is a two way street.
When both of my parents passed away within weeks of each other it was a major jolt that made me look at my life and reassess things I was doing. One of those things was giving time, effort, money and loyalty to something that brought me no joy or pride.
So I severed ties to people and places and rituals that had been in my life for far too long. I made a conscious decision to focus solely on BJJ and GSW.
Best decision ever.

Last night that decision finally paid off.

For me personally, being awarded my Black Belt in 2007 was a huge shock and one that I really didn’t think I deserved. But I have complete faith in my coach John Will, so I accepted it, knowing full well that it was because of him that it was possible.
But since that time I’ve been protecting that rank. (It was a running joke for many years that I give away belts and it’s totally true, I do give them away, No one has to pay for the belt, but everyone has to earn it.)
I mean, who am I to award a belt like that? Also over the years, the people I expected to make it to Black Belt have fallen by the wayside. So in my head I would always question my right to award the rank.
But it had to happen, so last night after an amazing seminar with John in attendance and with his blessing we finally awarded not one but two Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belts.

Patrick Te Tau and Darren Brown

Two vastly different guys, two vastly different styles, two vastly different pathways and yet both totally representing the diversity of the GSW mat.

Congrats to my first born, you make me super proud and emotional. I look forward to many more years of training with you and thank you for all that you have given me and all that you bring to the mat..

#no-oos #NFO

GSW Black Belts

We’re Moving!! 4 College St

From Monday the 29th of April GSW Martial Arts will be located at Level 1, 4 College St, Te Aro.
It’s above Milne Print right next door to MTI..
Come on down for Wellingtons longest running most fun BJJ school…
Look out for opening specials in May!!

See you there

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Its all happening on Face Book

All the news and daily info is on Facebook.. Every day something is happening on the GSW facebook page, so stop by like the page and keep up with everything GSW!

GSW Martial Arts

Seminars: John Will, Robert & Sophia Drysdale.

As we head into the final stages of the year, things are not slowing down. in fact they’re actually getting busier.
The last couple of months of 2011 are going to be huge.

November 30 th sees our coach John Will return to GSW for the last of his seminar series for the year.
Along with the usual outstanding content, we can also expect a few promotions as the school continues to grow in both numbers and talent.

Then on the 9th & 10th of December we are once again hosting BJJ legend Robert Drysdale. And this time his wife Sophia McDermott-Drysdale is coming down with him. That means that along with the Gi and No-Gi sessions run by Robert on Saturday, the Ladies have an opportunity to train with Sophia on Friday night!!

Numbers for Robert and John are strictly limited and first with the money gets the spot. Both John Will and Robert Drysdale sessions are only open to GSW and Will – Machado members.
Sophia’s session is open to any Ladies who want to improve their grappling. The session cost is $50..

For more info, posters and to express your interest jump on our facebook events page >>..

To Gi or Not to Gi – That is the question

Short notice. Don’t care.
Get your ass down to the mat on Sunday October 2nd 10am for another round of fun and frivolity at GSW.
Fill out the online form to enter

10 min rounds
No points
Submission only
No Submission? no winner
Finals, no time limit
Minimum of 2 fights for everyone
3 mat areas running
10 am start.

Results from to Gi or not to Gi March 6th 2011

For those that are interested: Results from today:
White under 80kg
1st: Mike Moore
2nd: Pete Kershaw
3rd: Alessandro Mozzato

White over 80kg:
1st: Spencer Cameron
2nd: Adam Eruera
3rd: Tim Pointer

Blue under 80 kg:
1st Pat Te Tau
2nd: Andrew Hausmann
3rd: Melvin Chand

Blue Belt over 80 kg:
1st: Fiso Siloata
2nd: David White
3rd James Toaolamai

Purple Belts:
1st: Scott Lyons
2nd Eduardo Campos
3rd: Phil Stenhouse

Videos going up to our youtube account now
And photos can be found on our Facebook Page

Conrgats to everyone who jumped in.
Special mentions to the following.
Jemima and Ester, for getting in with the boys.
Fiso and Dave for the 28 minute final!
Thanks to Jarrod and Glen for helping with the officiating and also to Glen for bringing a crew out from Porirua Submission.

Well done everyone, well see you at the next on in a month. :)

To Gi or not to Gi March 6th 10am – GSW internal Comp

Just for GSW, lockdown and maybe some of Glens crew.
Will be basically a Gi-less comp
10 min rounds
NO points, sub wins only
No sub in the round then both fighters are out!

Finals will be no time limit..

The idea is to encourage submission attempts and not points wars. Fight goes until someone quits or time runs out.
The idea for this comp came from Gerald Burton-Batty a Will – Machado Black Belt. Gerald ran this comp to great success in Melbourne 10 years ago.

I will run 3 fight areas on the floor so everyone should get a couple of shots at it without taking up the whole day..

Enter online here >>

Discuss in the forum

New Year – New Classes – New Timetable – GSW 272 Taranaki St Wellington

The new location is finished and the new years classes start Monday 10th January 7pm.

But the really big news for the facility is that Lockdown Mixed Martial Arts Coach, Gareth Lewis, will be running MMA classes in Wellington!

Starting Tuesday the 11th January Mixed Martial Arts sessions will be held from 6.30pm.

New Members are welcome at either the BJJ or MMA sessions and full details of timetable and fees can be found on this site.

I am absolutely stoked to have Gareth teaching MMA from the same facility and look forward to sharing the mat with our Lockdown buddies.

Welcome aboard!

A preliminary timetable is below.


GSW Wellington L2 272 Taranaki St

7.00 – 8.00 pm: BJJ Fundamentals (new members)
8.00 – 9.00 pm: BJJ Advanced (Gi – grappling)

12.00 noon: BJJ Advanced – By arrangement (Check Facebook)

6.30 pm – 7.30 pm: MMA Fundamentals (New Members)
7.30 pm – 8.30 pm: MMA Advanced

7.00 – 8.00 pm: BJJ Fundamentals (new members)
8.00 – 9.00 pm: BJJ Advanced (Gi – grappling)

12.00 noon: BJJ Advanced – By arrangement (Check Facebook)

6.30 pm – 7.30 pm: MMA Fundamentals (New Members)
7.30 pm – 8.30 pm: MMA Advanced

7.00 pm – 9.00 pm Open Mat – By arrangement (Check Facebook)

10.00 am – 12 noon: BJJ Intermediate (Gi-less – grappling)

6.00 pm – 8.00 pm Open Mat – By arrangement (Check Facebook)

Robert Drysdale @ GSW Martial Arts Wellington

In December 2010 we had another BJJ Legend on our mat. Robert Drysdale is a BJJ Black Belt, 6 time BJJ world champ with over 90 competition titles and the 2007 ADCC Absolute Gold winner. Robert arrived in Wellington on the day our new mats finally turned up from China. Which meant that we could host him in the new Wellington location. He ran 2 seminars for us, Wednesday night was a No-Gi session and Thursday was a Gi session. (Photos Below)

Wednesday covered foot locks, toe holds and knee bars. Robert also answered questions from seminar participants covering Triangle escapes and a preface to Brabo and Darce chokes. Thursday was Brabo setups and executions which was gold. Robert once again answered questions from participants. The seminars were packed and extremely well received by everyone.

In a stunning coincidence Roberts first BJJ instructor was Steve da Silva, the same guy that gave Geoff and Ko their first taste of BJJ. Even more stunning is the image of Steve on this page was used by Robert in 2006 for an article in a Japanese magazine about his instructors!
Flickr set from the No-Gi session
Flickr set from the Gi session
Flickr set from Roberts Chopper excursion to the south coast
Robert Drysdale footlocks Geoff
Andrew Caven Robert Drysdale halfguard passgeoff_robert_garethgeoff_robert_gareth_choppergi_seminarrobert_braborobert_nogirobert_kataRobert shows the trianglerobert_footlock_nastyness