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GSW Martial Arts Wellington BJJ Black Belt

Sorry all not a lot of time to post too much info but I just have to give a quick update. John’s seminar was fantastic, unfortunatly I’m still dealing with Kidney stones and was unable to get on the mat. John covered the following points in the seminar

4 Omopalata drills
Get the elbow
Keep the elbow
From mount via reverse side mount (with bonus sweep)
From sidecontrol also via reverse side mount but finishing on the other side

4 Arm triangle choke (or head arm choke) setups/drills
From crossface
From sidecontrol
From head to head
From underneath

Before the seminar got under way we took the opportunity to promote a few of the GSW crew.

Congrats to new Purple Belts Jonny Bares and Jason Murphy and new Blues Brendan Pfahlert and Cain Harland. Well done boys. At the end of the session John ambushed me and awarded me with my BJJ Black Belt.

I would like to thank everyone for their kind words, emails and comments over the last few days. I’ll have to admit that I’m still a bit dumbfounded and it hasn’t actually sunk in yet I think. Thursdays class was the same as always but any time I caught a glimpse of the Black Belt it surprised me all over again. I’m sure it will take some time to get used to.

Here are a few shots from the night as well as a video of John ambushing me using a chocolate cake as a prop. I’ve edited my speech from the footage because I waffled like a raving idiot. :)

GSW New ranks



John Will in Wellington

John hit Wellington for this round of seminars on Tuesday the 24th of April and immediately headed to the RNZPC in Porirua for his session with the PT staff based at the college. This session was special as it focused more on training methodologies and training the trainer rather than specific techniques.

The other milestone tied to this session is that in the next couple of months the new training package for all Police recruits with be put into action. The package is 2 years work by dedicated PT staff and is the culmination of the skill sets and techniques that John has passed onto the trainers over the last few years. The end result is that our new police will be better trained and more prepared that ever before.

After a gruelling 5 hour session we headed out for a bite to eat at Monsoon Poon (love u long time) where John consumed 4 lemon lime and bitters and enough beef Rendang to feed a small village. Then it was home for some much needed rest and relaxation. Wednesday morning was spent in preparation for the night seminar at GSW. Due to expected high numbers we added extra mat space to the floor and made sure all was ready before hitting Starbucks to test John’s iChat configuration so he could catch up with home and check in with the family.

We then spent some time at Mr Bun a local and international favourite before catching “Pathfinder” at the gold lounge (don’t bother it was bad) Then it was back home to finalise the preparations for the nights session. 7pm kick off at GSW saw 40 people on the mat to soak in the information that John had to offer. Before getting into the session John took the opportunity to promote several long term students. Due to injury and off the mat time some of the new Blues are actually some of my longest serving members of GSW. Blues were presented to Brent Lindsay, Carl Rex, Phil Stenhouse and Adrian Smith. Congratulations to the boys on there dedication and commitment to their training and development.

This session focused on more than just techniques and like the RNZPC staff, we were treated to some of the ideas and concepts behind the methodologies as well as plenty of technical data to process. As always the 3 hour session was over in a flash and John was entertaining and informative, with a story and anecdote for every position and situation that cropped up during the night. I would like to take the opportunity to thank John for his time and patience. I know his life is full on and his work load ever increasing. Thanks.

I trust everyone else had successful and informative sessions and we all look forward to John’s return in August.

Geoff G

New Zealand Will – Machado Nats 2006 

Overall a fantastic day was had by everyone who attended the Will – Machado Nationals in Wellington on the 9th of December. There was a great turnout from all the Will – Machado schools in New Zealand and it was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to come together in a fun friendly competition environment and test their skills.

With proper timekeeping, including a visible timer, seeded draws done before the competition day and one consistent referee running the mat, the day started out very well. After a quick introduction and thank you from competition host, Geoff Grant, acknowledgement was paid to Michael Gent for his contribution to the Will – Machado organisation in New Zealand.

Michael Gent was the first to bring John Will to New Zealand in 1999 and John traveled the rest of the country bringing BJJ seminars to Geoff Grant in Wellington and Geoff Aitken in Christchurch and the rest is history.

With the draws already in place only a few minor adjustments were needed and the day was underway by 9.30am and all finals finished by 2pm with just under 50 competitors working on one mat it was a very smooth day. With the early finish we were able to run both a White Belt and Blue Belt open. With all fights finished by 5pm it really was a full on day.

As with every competition not everything was plain sailing and there were a couple of hiccups with the draws and a small miss-understanding with one of the scores. 2 competitors were injured during the day with one having to make a trip to the hospital with cracked ribs, we wish Hayden a speedy recovery.

So without further ado, I give you the results from the BJJ NZ Will – Machado Nationals December 9th 2006 at GSW Wellington.

White 60-69.9kg
2nd: Ray Massa (GSW)
3rd: Rhys Hanratty (TCMA)

White 70-79.9kg
1st: Steve Brasell (GSW)
2nd: Wynne Pirini (GSW)
3rd: Gary McLellan (TCMA)

White 80-89.9kg
1st: Carl Rex (GSW)
2nd: Fran Kora (GSW)
3rd: Marty Houghton (GSW)

White 90-99.9kg
1st: Adrian Smith (GSW)
2nd: Andrew Dynan (TCMA)

White 100+
1st: Morgan Wesche (TCMA)
2nd: Gareth Terry (GC)

Womens Division
1st: Diane Skudder (GC)
2nd: Jill Gower (GSW)
3rd: Inger Craven (GC)

Blue Belt Under 70kg
1st: Michael Hourigan (GSW)
2nd: Richard Wood (TCMA)

Blue Belt 80-89.9kg
1st: Daniel Digby (TCMA)
2nd: Gareth Burke (TCMA)
3rd: Andrew Craven (GC)

Blue Belt 90+kg
1st: Hemi Thomas Pou III (GSW)
2nd: Wayne Michael Perry (TCMA)
3rd: Michael Fooks (GC)

Purple Belt
1st: Shayne Cox (TCMA)
2nd: Scott Benson (Academy of Combat)
3rd: Jason Branks (Academy of Combat)

White belt open division
1st: Scott Lyons (GSW)
2nd: Brendan Pfahlert (GSW)
3rd: Adrian Smith (GSW)

Blue Belt Open Division
1st: Hemi Thomas Pou III (GSW)
2nd: Daniel Digby (TCMA)
3rd: Andrew Craven (GC)

Points awarded:
1st place 3 points
2nd place 2 points
3rd place 1 point

Team Results:
GSW: 33 (competitors 17)
TCMA: 24 (competitors 19)
GC: 9 (competitors 6)
Academy: 3 (competitors 3)

Christmas Break

Ok, it’s time for a break and recharge.

Our last class this year will be Thursday the 21st and we will restart on Sunday January the 7th 2007.

If I don’t see you before then, have a safe and enjoyable Christmas and try not to RNC any of your relatives.

NAts, John Will, Alex MMA, Xmas do SJJNZ

Once again I must start with an apology, classes have been full on as has work, so my time for posting on the blog is becoming less and less. Well here is a long overdue update for those who are interested.

SJJ NZ Nats Palmerston North
A couple of weeks ago a team from GSW decided to head to Palmerston for the SJJ Nationals. Only Miguel has participated in these comps before so it was a learning curve for the rest of the crew as the rules are a bit screwy.

The team consisted of, Sacha, Hemi, Miguel, Adrian, Kane, Ben, Ray, Wynne, Jarrod and Carl. Once we got our heads around the rules the day progressed well. Some of the boys had bad draws or just bad fights but there were several highlights. Crazy too out a couple of Blue Belts on his way to 3rd in the under 100 division. Miguel had some epic match’s and defeated a Black Belt in his weight division. Wynne had a couple of stunner’s, playing a great game to the rules.

Kane, as per usual, turned it on for the comp surprising a couple of his competitors before succumbing himself, Sacha, Ben and Ray were unlucky to be take out early in their divisions after waiting hours for their match’s. Surprise of the day was Jarrod who plowed through his competition to take the 100-110kg division on the 110+ division against some monsters. Unfortunately in his second to last fight he suffered a bad injury to his left knee and has been off the mat.

Hemi continued his dominant form by sweeping his division (90-100kg) fighting Crazy in to 3rd place then defeating Adrian to take the win. Adrian, although severely hampered by the rules and unable to use his years of Judo training effectivly, was able to plow through his division, including fighting Munter of the day, before losing to Hemi for 2nd place.

Alex Richardson MMA “Ring Wars” Porirua

Alex had another fight on Saturday the 29th at the Kennel club, run by Rex Redden and Dave Hitchens it was the new incarnation of their successful shows. Relaunched under the name “Ring Wars”. Alex faced Simon Dome from Eugene Hynsens school in Paraparaumu. This time I was finally able to attend the event and corner Alex. It was a great night and Alex and Simon put on a good show for the punters. One thing that struck me was the crowd actually seemed to understand some of the action and even appreciate the exchanges on the ground.

I think that change is thanks to Sky and their airing of the Ultimate Fighter series. It really seems to have had a educating effect on the populace. Alex and Simon’s fight was a great display with each gaining the upper hand at different points through the fight. Simon came close to finishing Alex with a surprise arm bar, but Alex was able to escape, reverse and secure a choke forcing Simon to tap out.

Alex is now Ring Wars light heavy MMA champ. Congrats big guy. He is also off to Australia next week to fight on a show bearing Mark Hunt’s name. This could be a great shot for Alex as there are rumors of Pride scouts being at the show Fingers crossed.

Will Machado BJJ NZ Nationals Dec 9th

We’ve hosting this years Machado Nats. At the MVD on the 9th of December, most of the information has been nutted out but there is a little bit of fine tuning to do in the next few weeks. All the information can be found at the BJJ NZ site
This comp is open to all Will Machado Schools in NZ….

John Will at GSW

John is once again returning to GSW for a seminar session. John will be here on November 22nd from 8pm, cost is $60 for the night and with mat numbers being as they are the place will be packed. See you there!

GSW Christmas Do

2 Days after John’s visit we are having our xmas do at the syn bar. Thanks to Phil for jacking up the venue for us. The night will be a great get together for the crew before the madness that is Christmas. So mark Friday November the 24th in your diary. Syn Bar Bond St.

Sunday Night went to watch Fran play in the band KORA.
Damn they were good!!
Check out the video below and take a look at their other stuff on Myspace.
KORA Myspace
KORA Website

Get this video and more at

Another Funny.

John Will and David Meyer have been filming some tips and tricks for BJJ and posting them to Google Video for use on John’s blog.
I just had a quick look and came across this one.

This is the John Will I know and it clearly shows why he and Dave are such good friends.

Click the Google Video Link to see more of John and Dave

Funniest thing I’ve seen in a very long time.

YouTube Preview Image

Machado Nats Black Belt vid

BJJ NZ’s first "Home Grown" BJJ Black Belt

On Saturday the 16th of September after a long day of competition at the Will Machado Nationals in Australia, John Will took the opportunity to promote New Zealand’s own Geoff Aitken to the rank of Black Belt.

Geoff is the first BJJNZ Black Belt who has done almost all his training in New Zealand and is the first of the main BJJNZ instructors to attain the coveted Black Belt. Well done buddy and we look forward to having you on the mat in Wellington soon.

Results and more information from the competition can be found at the BJJ Australia Site: Click here >>