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The biggest problem you will face learning Martial Arts, is never knowing if what you learn is effective or if it is ever going to work when you actually need it.
At our school you will learn skills that are instantly effective!

We've eliminated most of the usual rubbish that is associated with Martial Arts Training! You won't learn pointless Katas or ritualised dances, you won't have to spend hours doing push-ups or sit-ups, you won't spend half the class doing warm-ups and you definitely won't have to learn a foreign language!

What you will do is learn skills that will help you feel more confident and in control of your situation!!

Oh and we don't take ourselves too seriously, our club is about enjoying the process of learning and living the BJJ lifestyle

Welcome to one of New Zealand's Biggest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools. We've been helping people, like you, improve their lives through Martial Arts for over 25 years.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a Martial Art that emphasis's practical use of skills in every session.
What does that mean for you?
It means that in every BJJ session you attend you will test what you learn and put what you learn into practice straight away. That way you can instantly see how effective BJJ can be and you can hone your skills every single session.

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What does our school offer you?

We offer you a big group of training partners who are happy to train and learn and grow with you. We offer you one of the best spaces for training BJJ in Wellington. We offer you access to some of the worlds best BJJ instructors and competitors.

We have brought the worlds best BJJ coaches and competitors to wellington. But our school has produced some of the most qualified and decorated coaches and competitors in the country.
GSW has been operating in Wellington for over 20 years.. We have members that have trained longer than any other club in the city and most of the country.
That means every class has students and instructors with more knowledge than you'll ever need.
No one in the city teaches like we do or has as much to offer..

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We also offer you a fun, friendly, safe training environment. (You will not have to deal with Fathead's, Meat-axes, Munters, Assholes, Dickheads or Fuckwits.. We don't tolerate them in our school)

Our school is made up of everyday normal people, from all walks of life and every industry, just normal people like you but with a passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

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What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a Grappling Art. First and foremost It teaches control. What you do with that control is up to you. By training with us, you learn to use that control to subdue or incapacitate your opponent using BJJ techniques.

But the control can be used for many things, control over the opponent and situation gives you control over the outcome. It could be to just subdue them until help arrives or to subdue them to cuff them or extract them from a venue or area. Or to completely incapacitate them so they are no longer a threat!
But honestly one of the biggest benefits of GSW is the people you meet and interact with at each class. BJJ is an individual sport that you need a partner to learn.. A total contradiction that leads you to rely on others and make lasting friendships while learning skills.

To allow you to see BJJ for yourself I'm offering a couple of classes for free, so you can find out about one of the best Martial Art self defence systems in the world.

GSW is a fantastic club, the emphasis is on having fun while learning effective skills. Don't take my word for it, read our testimonials and see what others have to say about our school.
We run Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Beginners classes each week:
Tuesday and Thursday 6.00 pm
L1 4 College St, Te Aro
Above Urban Fitness