"I think you're doing an absolutely awesome job from EVERYTHING I see. Keep up the great work Geoff, you're an inspiration." 
Darren Brown

"I came to GSW vaguely interested in what is BJJ, with no previous experience in martial arts, -actually I'd been to a couple of other martial arts classes and hated it. Geoff's teaching is accessible and fun -with none of the pretence that had put me off other classes. The culture at GSW is friendly, inclusive and relaxed. Experienced members are generous with their advice and encouragement. I now have a passion for BJJ, a great crew of friends to hang with, and the real-world skills in self-defence are a bonus."

"I enjoy it because of the no bullshit training - you know when something works and when something doesn't. For me it just keeps my confidence levels up - I don't get so stressed when faced with a fight/scuffle as I know I can control the person, as I've done it countless times in training,"
(senior Police officer)

The coaching is superb. The mat culture encourages sharing of ideas and innovation. No nonsence. Just a great club atmosphere.

The best martial arts club I have been involvied with in over 30 years of training...

Caglan Bagci

GSW is practically my second home, I am convinced it is the best place to learn Jiu Jitsu. The instruction is clear, technical, and fun. Importantly the club is huuuge, you'll always have high quality training partners.

Patrick Te Tau

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Some martial arts teachers have a heap of knowledge but don't know how to teach it, but Geoff has massive knowledge coupled with teaching ability. He has created a school full of talented students who are friendly and helpful to eachother and I'm honoured to be a part of that. I'm excited to have finally found a school that just cuts past the BS and gets straight to practical learning. Thanks!
Klaus Townsend

GSW is a place where people from all walks of life come together, hang out and share a passion for Jiu Jitsu in a laid back friendly environment. Great teacher, culture and a top notch level of Jiu Jitsu.
David White

First off, in a professional capacity Geoff`s instruction is exceptional and this is no exaggeration. He’s a clear and concise teacher and more importantly he enjoys what he does. This is evident in his relaxed and humorous classes. Geoff has created an environment where the level of grappling is excellent and the level of ego is nil. GSW has a welcoming environment, with people from diverse backgrounds who are all there to enjoy themselves and learn. I have fostered many friendships and connections at GSW and can safely say it was one of the best choices I have personally made. Thanks Geoff and the GSW crew.
Melvin Chand

I have trained at GSW for the last year and a half. Having trained with world-class BJJ competitors half a globe away, and with about eight years' training both given and received in various traditional martial arts, I can confirm that Geoff is without a doubt one of the most thorough, technical and effective trainers I have had the pleasure of learning from. He will not only give you the finished, ready to implement technique, but break it down into every step along the way that needs to be recognised, understood and absorbed. That, coupled with the genuinely supportive and friendly atmosphere at the club, has made GSW my second home on a journey I am enjoying immensely. The comparison with chess is often made in martial arts, and as with chess, it will take quite some time to learn the rules of engagement and recognise the traps you can fall into: seekers of instant gratification need not apply.
Thomas Ockens
BJJ Blue Belt

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I've been involved with martial arts on and off for the past 24 years and have yet to find a club equal to GSW in terms of quality of instruction, strong membership of liked minded individuals and the subject matter being totally relevant, for either sports, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or self Defence. GSW has something for everyone, so hang up your ego at the door and be prepared to train hard and have a lot of fun.
Jon Dyer

As a drop in from the U.S., Geoff is one of the most gracious and generous instructors I have come across with his time and business. His knowledge level is high and ability to break down fundamentals to any student is genuinely incredible. I travel often and visit many gyms, but the welcome attitude and high level instruction here at GSW makes it my favorite stop thus far. Thank you.
Justin DeBruin

Geoff's one of the best instructors Ive had, and cultivates creative thinking and camaraderie among all the amazing talent that train there. If you're curious in BJJ , come check it out!
Nick Gaul

GSW is a truly great club, and Geoff is an outstanding instructor, i cannot say anymore than that.

I have visited the club three times, every time the place was clean, the people were friendly and welcoming, (and clean) and experience was great. If you live in Wellington do yourself a favor and check this place out.
John Jensen

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